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Feuilleton is a domestic project space dedicated to showing work on paper.

"The feuilleton originated in French newspapers in the 19th century as a supplement sectioned out from the main news stories. Although found in the political section of the newspaper, the feuilleton typically included material on non-political subjects, such as art, literature, or fashion. Fiction was sometimes included as well.

The word is a diminutive of the French feuillet, meaning "sheet of paper," and ultimately derives from Latin folium, meaning "leaf." From this source English acquired "folio" (which can refer to a page, or leaf, of a book or manuscript) and "foliage" (meaning "a mass of leaves")."-Merrian-Webster


1440 Logan St, Apt 1,

Los Angeles, CA

90026 USA

Opening Hours

Open by appointment only.

Please schedule your appointment by email, text, or DM.

Contact Us

BB Beugelmans

+1(310) 429-2153

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